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TIME For Kids® Grade 5, 30-Book Set, Spanish

Product Number: SEP20222
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Themed Trios: All grade-level sets contain books that are related by theme to titles in other same-level sets Whether explori...
Themed Trios: All grade-level sets contain books that are related by theme to titles in other same-level sets Whether exploring places unknown, discovering strange creatures, or reaching the outer recesses of space, these high-interest books will keep readers engaged as they build comprehension skills. Featuring quality content from TIME For Kids®, these colorful books align with all State and National standards and include informational text with mathematics, science, and social studies themes. 12-20 pages each. 28-32 pages each. 64 pages each. These books offer: Alignment to Common Core and other state standards and a variety of text structures. Cross-curricular content. Academic- and domain-specific vocabulary. Complex text aligned to the content areas. Reading Level 5.0-5.9, Grade Level T-V, Lexile® 690L-900L

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