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Rock 'N Learn® States & Capitals Rap, Audio CD & Printable Book

Product Number: RL-415
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Of all the programs to learn the states and capitals, the cool rap songs make this one fun and simple to use. Positive, motiv...

Of all the programs to learn the states and capitals, the cool rap songs make this one fun and simple to use. Positive, motivating lyrics help hold the interest of students, allowing them get top grades. A follow-along book is included with fun facts about each state. Delayed answers on some songs allow students to check their progress.

Ages 10 & up. Approx. 30 minutes.

Rock 'N Learn States & Capitals Rap CD comes with a reproducible activity book with lyrics to follow along and fun facts about each state. Teachers and parents have permission to photocopy pages of the States & Capitals Rap book for instructional use. We've included additional games and suggested activities for learning the states and capitals.

Rock 'N Learn States & Capitals Rap includes:

Learn the States and Capitals
Rap the states in alphabetical order, followed by the capitals.

We'll Say the State, Then You Say the Capital
Presented in mixed order with delayed answers. Try to answer before D.J. Doc Roc.

Learnin' States and Capitals
D.J. Doc Roc says the capital, you provide the state. See if you are correct.

Let's Learn the States and Regions
The states presented by region.

A list of all the states and capitals of the USA

  • Alabama-Montgomery
  • Alaska-Juneau
  • Arizona-Phoenix
  • Arkansas-Little Rock
  • California-Sacramento
  • Colorado-Denver
  • Connecticut-Hartford
  • Delaware-Dover
  • Florida-Tallahassee
  • Georgia-Atlanta
  • Hawaii-Honolulu
  • Idaho-Boise
  • Illinois-Springfield
  • Indiana-Indianapolis
  • Iowa-Des Moines
  • Kansas-Topeka
  • Kentucky-Frankfort
  • Louisiana-Baton Rouge
  • Maine-Augusta
  • Maryland-Annapolis
  • Massachusetts-Boston
  • Michigan-Lansing
  • Minnesota-St. Paul
  • Mississippi-Jackson
  • Missouri-Jefferson City
  • Montana-Helena
  • Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Nevada-Carson City
  • New Hampshire-Concord
  • New Jersey-Trenton
  • New Mexico-Santa Fe
  • New York-Albany
  • North Carolina-Raleigh
  • North Dakota-Bismarck
  • Ohio-Columbus
  • Oklahoma-Oklahoma City
  • Oregon-Salem
  • Pennsylvania-Harrisburg
  • Rhode Island-Providence
  • South Carolina-Columbia
  • South Dakota-Pierre
  • Tennessee-Nashville
  • Texas-Austin
  • Utah-Salt Lake City
  • Vermont-Montpelier
  • Virginia-Richmond
  • Washington-Olympia
  • West Virginia-Charleston
  • Wisconsin-Madison
  • Wyoming-Cheyenne

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